Pay Per Click Advertising

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Pay Per Click or PPC is an online marketing via search engines. Your target audience will be able to find your website through related keywords. Your advertising campaign will be displayed either above or on the right hand side under the sponsored links. Besides being able to get you direct to your prospective customers, PPC can help you control your budget in online advertising as you will pay only when your advertisement is clicked.


If you prefer your online marketing campaign to expose to your target quickly with a high visibility right at the time you started the campaign, Pay- Per- Click (PPC) is your answer. We will fully manage your campaign with a close monitoring. From consulting to keyword suggestion and from copy writing to landing page consultation, we track all results and report to you as a daily basis.

In our scope of PPC Service, We also provides copy writing service which will help attract your prospective customers to your website continually. Your campaign will be set up with PPC campaign such as Google Adwords and your cost per click budget can be determined to best suit you.

Process :

  • Research keywords based on your business
  • Create creative ads based on Google editorial guideline
  • Set up a campaign
  • Install Google Adwords Conversion Tracking
  • Integrate Google Adwords to Google Analytics
  • Send you a monthly report