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Access Control

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Access control provides the ability to control, monitor and restrict the movement of people, assets or vehicles in, out and around a building or site. Products range from token based systems and digital keypads, through to biometric identification systems and the associated hardware.

Many organizations are recognizing the benefits of replacing their old key based systems with card based electronic access control systems. Card access systems alleviate the need to replace locks when keys are lost and give a large degree of control of who can go where and when.

Biometric control systems are being introduced more and more in access control solutions for their strong security. Biometric data in a person’s fingerprint or iris is scanned for unique markers to identify personnel and control access to sensitive areas. The advantage of using biometric identification methods is that biometric traits are unique to each individual, and unlike a password or PIN, a biometric trait cannot be forgotten, lost, or stolen, reducing overhead of access control management.

When specifying Access Control systems, there are a few points to take in to consideration:

What type of technology do you require?
Card Reader, Proximity or Biometrics.

How is the access mechanisms controlled?
  • Stand-alone
  • Active connection to central computer

How many doors do you need to control?
What is the construction of the doors?
External or high security doors will require a high security lock.

How many people in your organization require access?
  • What doors they go through
  • Frequent changes to personnel access levels

What is the risk of losing access control?
Warranty period and maintenance


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